Different kinds of flowers have different meanings, different flower words, and there are many things to pay attention to when sending flowers. According to what you want to express, choose the right flower to reflect the meaning and value of your flower delivery.

On February 14th of each year, usually on Valentine’s Day, a red rose is presented to express the feelings between lovers. A half-open red rose is lined with a beautiful green leaf, then placed in a transparent plastic bag, and a beautiful bow is tied with a ribbon in the lower half of the handle to form a beautiful small bouquet. This is the best gift for Valentine’s Day.

The second Sunday of May each year. Usually a large pink carnation is used as a flower for Mother’s Day. Pink is the color of women, and the petals of carnation represent the mother’s feelings for her children. You can send one when you send flowers, or you can send a lot of bouquets, or insert them into a beautifully shaped flower arrangement.