Today these images are very aggressive manicures, and although they are contrary to the original form of nails, these pointed styles are beginning to catch on. If you are hesitating to choose which one, you can try glamorous pointed nails to make your nails different.

Pointy nails are a kind of expression that you want to express your own style. For the love of fashion, for the pursuit of fashion, for the pursuit of publicity, you can find traces from the sharp nails, compared to the round head and square nails. The pointed nails are more wild.

Sticking a diamond or setting a bow on a nail has always been regarded as a sweet expression, but when sweetness and personality are desired, the contradiction is really difficult to choose. There are no tricks on the pointed nails that can’t be played! From cute flowers, shiny stickers, to creepy and realistic, ten fingers are ten independent paintings! In short, these nails are sharp enough to spend enough Wild!