Many flowers have been given specific connotations in many national cultures. For example, in Chinese traditional culture, many flowers have been given a beautiful character: plum blossom symbolizes national self-improvement, peony symbolizes lover’s parting, chrysanthemum symbolizes noble character, peony symbolizes wealthy people, and orchid symbolizes gentleman’s bones.

In Western culture, the various symbolic meanings given to various flowers are called flower language. For example, red roses symbolize love, beauty and enthusiasm, poppies symbolize death, and irises and lilies symbolize “resurrection” in funerals. And “life” and so on. In addition, in many cultures of the world, flowers are the same It is a symbol of women.

There are a lot of stresses on sending flowers to patients, which are not good enough to affect the health of patients and increase their financial burden. Good delivery, healthy and beautiful, and safe. Therefore, we must first consider the patient’s body is not suitable, after all, the ultimate purpose of sending flowers is to express the blessing, I hope the patient can recover soon.